FranklinCovey | Planning, Just When You Need It Most
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Planning, Just When You Need It Most

Todd Musig

April 2017


In the 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity work session, we talk about the importance of weekly and daily planning.  It is through focused and intentional planning that we make sure that we include those activities that are important to us and that are not necessarily urgent.


But it might seem, even with good intentions that you show up to work and begin “slaying dragons”.  You tackle those tasks that are screaming the loudest or that can be completed quickly.  You manage the daily fires as they arise and work from your email inbox as messages without end popup demanding attention.  You may say to yourselves at the end of the day, “With all the fires and the emails that keep piling up I don’t have time to plan!”


The reality is that blocking the time out for weekly and daily planning is vital in today’s work environment.  Otherwise, it is all firefighting and very little prevention, planning and executing on your most important tasks.  Not only that, but your projects and tasks that require deep thought and focused attention continue to get pushed off or even scheduled for that all too frequent late night at the office.  Make the choice to plan on planning.

Todd Musig
Todd Musig is the Director of Business Results in FranklinCovey’s Corporate Marketing Department.  He has over twenty years of experience in training, marketing and consulting at organizations such as FranklinCovey, AchieveGlobal and Who Moved My Cheese? LLC. He has also owned, managed and built several businesses from scratch and truly knows what it is like to organize a hectic schedule and proactively manage a busy life.  He is the co-author of, Juggling Elephants, An Easier Way to Get Your Most Important Things Done-Now and Getting to It: Accomplishing the Important, Handling the Urgent, and Removing the Unnecessary.